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Mirpur -10, Dhaka.
Pandit Ali Super Market, Konabari, Gazipur.
90, New Elephant Road, Dhaka.
C-15, South Bonosree, Estern Housing Project, Goran, Dhaka.
Baghmara Bazar, Nawabgong, Dhaka.
Hazi Necbor Ali Super Market(3rd Floor), Chittagong Road, Siddirgong, Narayangong.
Robin Super Market, Zirabo Bus stand, Ashulia, Savar, Dhaka.
B-125,Shahajalal Market (Near Razzak Plaza),Bazar Bus Stand, Savar, Dhaka.
Chun kutia bazar, Keranigonj, Dhaka.
Konapara Mia Road, Jatrabari, Dhaka.
School Gate, Hathazari, Chittagong.
Kapasia Bazar, Kapasia, Gazipur.
27 Public Library Market (1st Floor) Nirala More, Victoria road, Tangail Sador,Tangail.
37 Shahid Rofiq Road, Manikgonj.
Kalitola Road, Noagaon sodor, Noagaon
5,Shorok Road, Barishal Sodor, Barisal.
Bank colony, Savar.
Shapla chattar 629, Court Road, Khagrachari, Chittagong.
Rashid Plaza, College Road, Mogapara, Sonargoan, Narayangong.
1 U.N.C. Road, Amlapara, Kustia.
High School Market Nowabgong, Dhaka
Tinkona Pukurpar, Hobigong Sylhet.
Shah Mukhdum Market (1st floor) Shaheb bazar (zero point) Rajshahi.
Block- E, Road No:4, House No-123 Uposhohor, Sylhet.
Setabganj, Dinajpur.
Arakan Road (Opposite of Pepsi), Bahaddarhat, Chandgaon, Chittagong.
24,Shahid Farque Road, North Jatrabari, Dhaka-1204
North Balu Bari, Dinajpur Sador, Dinajpur
Zirani Bazar, Savar.
Rahman complex (1st floor) Joydevpur,Gazipur Sadar, Gazipur
4, Moshjid Market.Modina market, Sylhet.
Borkotia Super Market Ambarkhana Sylhet.
Corner Plaza 1st Fl Lamabazar Road Sylhet.
Bishnath Puranbazar Bishnath Sylhet.
Dherai, Sunamgonj
Press Club Complex(2ndFloor), StationRoad, Rangpur.
11/1 Mahmuda Khatun Villa,Court Road,Chowmohoni,Moulovibazar, Sylhet
Plot # 1067,Block # A, P.O.#Merajnagar, P.S. # Kadamtoli, Dhaka-1362
Siddquee Khan Complex,Shibgonj, Sylhet.
110/B, 149,Amir market,Noapara Potherhat,Raojan, Chittagong.
Khan Market, Ishwardi Bazar, Ishwardi, Pabna.
Post office mor, Pabna Road,Ishwardi, Pabna
Pakshi Railway Bazar,Pakshi, Pabna Road,Ishwardi,Pabna
College Road , Sanarpar,Siddirgong, Narayangonj.
Chargaoh, Zinzira, Karaniganj, Dhaka-1310
Managaging Director 333, Jhawtala, Comilla
Ma Super Market Saydana Maleker Bari, PO: National University, PS: Gajipur
Fozol Complex University gate, Akhalia, Sylhet
Amin Complex (5th Floor), Kumer ShilMore, Bramanbaria Sadar, Bramanbaria.
Noor Bhaban (2nd Floor), Bhultan Bazar, Rupganj, Narayanganj
Shanto Market, Matuail Koborstan Road, Jatrabari, Dhaka.
Nondi Market , (1st floor),Main Road , Joypurhut
Aziz super Market , Puratan Bus Stand, Takurgaon.
Somobay Market (Court area), infront of Medical College, Mujib Road, Faridpur
D-18, Talbag Savar, Dhaka-1340
Hirok Mansshon (3rd Floor), Main Road Rajbari
142, Jhilim Road, Gabtola More, Chapai Nawabganj
129/102, Noor Grehayan, Rose Petal (Ground Floor), Hazi Mohoshin Road, Chandpur-3600
Ibrahim Munshi Bhaban, Komalpur Bus Stand. Bhairab-2350, Kishorganj
House#1341, Road# 13/7, Maizdee Housing State, Maizdee Sadar, Noakhali
7-8 Planet Arat Ground Floor, Zindabazar, Sylhet
H-193, R-05, Mohammadia Housing Ltd. Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207.
Blessing Blanquit Hall Building (3rd Floor), Shibgonj, Uposhore Road, Sylhet.
Rahan Uddin Bhutan Road (Near Happy Cinema Hall), Laxmipur
47/2, Balughat, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206. (64/4 Balughat Bazar / 62 Barontek, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206)
14 No., Tannery Moore, Zigatola, Dhanmondi, Dhaka.
R-5, Annondonagar, Middle Badda, Dhaka.
Balogaon High School Gate, Tongibari, Munshiganj.
B/44, Sardar Market, Khilkhet Bot-tala, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229
Somobai Market (1st Floor), Chowmohony, Noakhali
63, Shubechcha, Housing Estate, Sylhet.
31, Court Road,Moulovibazar, Sylhet
S.M.Ali Road,Thakurgoan-5700
Uttara Market, Banopura, Rangamati.
Shunamgonj, Sylhet
Adamjee epz, Narayanganj
Suvastu Imam Square(4th Floor), Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1,Dhaka.
Head Office: 9/2,Outer Circular Road, Momenbogh, Rajarbagh, Dhaka.
Bank colony, Savar.
Holding No#0109-05, Kobi Sukanto Shorak,Jhenaidha Sadar.
184, Mujib Shorak, Sharajgonj.
Hazi Nakbor Ali Super Market (4th Floor),Chittagoag Road, Shiddirgonj,Narayangong
Kalitola Road, Noagaon sodor
Keranihat, New Market, 1 no. goli, shop no 01, Shatkania, Chittagong.
Block- E, Road No- 04,House No-123 Uposhohor,Sylhet.
e-hut Chittagong Computer Technology, Keranihat, New Market, 1 No. Goli, Shop No#01,Shatkania, Chittagong.
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E-franchising: A prospective market for Bangladesh
Fahim Salek

The fate of a successful organisation lies in making its parts working together. It can be through achieving synergy, resulting in additional value creation within the organisation, or through strategic alliances where two or more organisations share a pool of resources and activities to pursue strategies and business goals. One of the frequent reasons for alliances is to obtain resources that an entity needs but does not itself possess. Among the different types of strategic alliances, franchising is gaining prominence around the world. It involves the franchisee to undertake specific activities such as manufacturing, distribution, selling or service providing whilst the franchisor is responsible for the brand name, marketing and training. It engages the pooling of resources, investments and risks for mutual gains. In this regard, a franchisor that can be showcased for disseminating the radiance of Information Technology throughout Bangladesh is 'BracNet', through its project 'E-hut'.

cyber shop catering to different types of digital services. Through e-hut, BracNet hopes to bring internet and data connectivity to the grassroots of Bangladesh and is a catalyst towards achieving 'Digital Bangladesh'. A vast majority of e-hut shops will be located all over Bangladesh. BracNet would work with prospective franchisees and financial institutions to facilitate small scale financing if the prospective franchisees require starting e-hut in their communities. Some critics might refer to this approach as a unique selling proposition (USP) of BracNet, but if we look at the broader picture, the e-hut is a scheme towards mass improvement and convenience. We are residing in the Information Age and when the world is talking about wireless internet or WiFi hotspots which are spreading extremely fast, we are still struggling to make internet facility available to our colossal population let alone other digital services. But it is now or never scenario; the truth is, Bangladesh will not be able to sustain the harsh competition in the world market unless we work towards a tech-friendly culture. Bangladesh has a population of 160 million, making it the 7th most populous country in the world. Although internet connectivity is expected to become highly marketable due to demand, internet penetration remains low at 2 per cent.

BracNet through its e-hut programme is taking a stride towards providing internet broadband connectivity and digital services all over Bangladesh. Their effort is to provide people the necessary internet facility and to set up digital services for the people even in the remotest areas of the country. This will not only be a convenience for the local people but also the spark to a lot of entrepreneurs who want to start their businesses as franchisees of the BracNet. It might be through franchising, but our economy demands the spread and impact of more and more entrepreneurship in whatever scale the case might be.

Recently BracNet established a strategic partnership between KDDI, a Japanese corporation which is a global communications company and experienced player in the industry worldwide. The alliance will enable BracNet to expand their internet broadband coverage over Bangladesh. The synergies generated between BracNet & KDDI will enable the creation of truly effective and sustainable internet broadband environment and social infrastructure across the country. By deploying local communications infrastructure and promoting high quality and low cost internet broadband, BracNet's effort will bear beneficial results for the country. Bangladesh has not been urbanised as it should be outside Dhaka city and some major cities compared to other developing countries. So the hustle of the overall population is on the capital which is taking the city on the verge of a collapse in different respects. The problem lies in the lack of industrialisation and the poor technology base outside Dhaka and its suburbs. Almost all trade activities have been Dhaka based which makes it the centre of mass congregation. A potential option for this setback is to extend the beam of information technology and digital services all over the country, specially the countryside with ample training facilities, which will relieve the intense load on Dhaka city inevitably and be the foundation for self sufficiency and entrepreneurship. E-hut has come up with such a concern to educate people through training, facilitate through internet services and be an aid for digital exposure to eradicate deficiencies and work our way towards a progressive nation.

E-hut is elaborated in simple terms as 'Digital Business Centre' which makes a lot of sense from the standpoint of the entrepreneur who will be incorporated with the franchisor BracNet. The reason being as it will draw income for the entrepreneur as well as be the source of various digital services for the local people. BracNet, which is a concern of BRAC, is expanding their activities of e-hut as a major project. It aims to propagate internet and data connectivity among the people all over the country. The e-hut project office of BracNet will provide indispensable guidelines to the entrepreneurs or franchisees for their business improvements. Services provided by e-hut include internet browsing, broadband connectivity, IT training, web cam and digital camera, computer compose and printing, computer servicing, graphics designing, photocopying amenities etc. to the locality. Moreover, e-hut is optimistic about introducing services like IP phoning, e-commerce, video conferencing, money transfer and courier services in the future. Thus providing all these services for the betterment of the local people under one roof is certainly positive. We have a dream, and that is to have a 'Digital Bangladesh' to transform our huge unskilled population into skilled resource for our nation in the near future.

Fahim Salek is at Anglia Ruskin University, UK, fahim032003@yahoo.com

State Minister for Science and Information & Communication Technology Visited ehut –

State Minister for Science and Information & Communication Technology of the Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh, Mr. Yeafesh Osman has visited one of the ehut, Unicyber Café, Kapasia Bazar, Kapasia, Gazipur on 3rd February, 2009. Honorable minister intensely observed the operation of the ehut, and understood the level of service ehut is providing nationwide.

The minister was very much convinced to see how ehut venture by BracNet is contributing to equip young entrepreneurs in the internet service business. Mr. Mir Hossin, the successful entrepreneur of ehut Unicyber Café narrated in front of the minister that how he started this business and how he is making his fortune through different services provided from his ehut. The young entrepreneur has expanded his business by opening another ehut, Unicyber Café 2 at Joydevpur, in Gazipur Sadar.

During his visit the honorable minister was introduced to the Classmate PC by Intel, a new product marketed by BracNet by Mr. Mohammad Abdur Rab, the CEO of BracNet. Head of ehut, Mr. Hasan Mahfuz Chowdhury briefed the invited guests about the nationwide operations of ehut.

Inauguration of e-hut Nexttech Computer – 2

e-hut Nexttech at Shipahi Para, Rampal at Munshigonj was inaugurated by honorable Director of bracNet, Mr. Stan Sakai on 10th of May 2009. In the occasion Mr. Mohammad Abdur Rab, honorable CEO of bracNet was also present

Before the inauguration program the visiting director Mr. Sakai along with Mr. Rab and Mr. Hasan Mahfuz Chowdhury the Head of e-hut visited some existing e-hut. Mograpara High School (Gonokendra Pathagar) at Mograpara, Sonargaon, e-hut Global Cyber Zone at Munshigonj and e-hut Nexttech Computer – 1 was among them.

ehut Entrepreneur Development Training Program – Dinajpur

ehut has organized its consecutive second successful Entrepreneur Development Training Program at Dinajpur on 10th of April 2009. Mr. Iqbalur Rahim, the honorable Member of the Parliament (Dinajpur – 3, Sadar) was present as the chief guest in the program, while Maj. Gen. Syeed Ahmed (retd.) honorable advisor to BracNet was present as the special guest.

The invited guests elaborated their discussion over the use of internet in today’s world and importance of its expansion in rural area all over Bangladesh. Later on officials of ehut conducted presentations to products and services offered by ehut in establishment and operation of new entrepreneurs in this business. The participants then observed the operation of an ehut from the model ehut demonstrated in the conference premises.

More Pictures

Almost 275 new entrepreneurs of Dinajpur and surrounding region took part in the training program. The effect of the training program will generate awareness about use of internet and the services provided by ehut; encouraging the young entrepreneurs to come in to this business.

ehut Entrepreneur Development Training Program – Shirajgonj

Ehut had arranged a day long training program for the new entrepreneurs of the Rajshahi division on 6th of March 2009. The training program was a great success with participation of over 300 young entrepreneurs of the locality who are sincerely interested to step in to the internet service business.

Ehut entrepreneur development training program was themed upon “Information for self development, through ehut.” The invited speakers enlightened the young entrepreneurs on the importance and various aspects of internet service use, while the ehut officials gave a clear and informative presentation on internet service facilities provided by ehut.

The training program created a positive notion among the participants, which lead to signing up of six (6) new ehut franchisees on spot and eighteen (18) other to come up in near future. This will lead to a huge opening for the population in the north western region of Bangladesh. Communities in different districts of Rajshahi division shall now have the access to World Wide Web and can bring change in their lives through diversified use of internet. This is in fact one of the core objective of ehut operation by BracNet.

Professional Computer Training Program @ ehut

ehut is now renowned nationwide as the core access point into the information highway for the remote community in Bangladesh. With its effective operation and dedicated service commitment, ehut has covered 32 districts countrywide. ehut has marked this achievement through 93 ehut points in these districts. Along with this objective, ehut is devoted to grow computer literacy nationwide.

Computer literacy is a matchless necessity to build Bangladesh as a strong contender in contemporary competitive world and for the future as well. The reality for Bangladesh is, only the people in big cities and district level towns has the access in internet and facilities of effective computer training. Other than this, the rest of the country is deprived of these necessary facilities. ehut has lunched a comprehensive professional computer training and hardware training courses through its existing ehut points nationwide.

The course packages cover up training on Computer Operating System, MS Office courses, Hardware training, PC Assembling, Trouble Shooting and Internet Use. The modules are designed for 3 month long courses. Students successfully completing the courses shall get a Certificate from BracNet. ehut is supporting the training centers with serving standardized course curriculum, course materials and Training to the Trainers. ehut has a future plan to introduce 6 month long Diploma on Computer and Hardware Training Course under any reputed University of the country.

ehut is now working to expand its coverage to the remote areas. The set target is to increase the number of ehuts to 500 by end of 2010. The mission of growing computer literacy and IT awareness to the community people shall continue till optimum achievements are conquered.

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